Who Said That

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Time is Relative (Cartoon)

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Cat Senses

This particular event actually happened several years ago. I didn’t get around to cartooning it before Lord Dormir and Emerson passed away, but I’ve decided that their stories should still be shared even though they’re more distant memories. I hope you enjoy it!

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Butler’s Tricks

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How Not to Try On Shoes

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Reintroductions (cartoon)

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Sleeveless (cartoon)

It has been a very, very, very long time since I finished a cartoon and shared it here for you. Thanks to a recent incident, I was inspired to make this little story for you. Please enjoy:

ME: "It's a bit chilly today, so I think I'll put on a sweater."ME (looking at my left sleeve, which is shorter than the other, with ragged edges at the bottom): "What the..? WORDSWORTH!" Continue reading →

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

Sir Oliver standing on the porch next to the door, staring at the camera through the slats in the railing.

ME: Um, hey, Sir Oliver. What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be outside without my daughter. 

SIR OLIVER: I’m just as surprised as you are. I was just minding my own business, walking around the kitchen, when suddenly I found myself outside. I certainly didn’t go outside alone on purpose, because I know that is not allowed and I would never, ever break the rules.

ME: Except for all the times you’ve snuck out in the past. And all the times you have jumped on the counter. And all the times you…

SIR OLIVER: You have no proof that I ever did any of that. 

ME: Shall I show you pictures?

SIR OLIVER: Just shut up and open the door, Columbo. 

Do Dogs Have Miranda Rights?

WORDSWORTH: Welcome home, Mama!

ME: Thank you Wordsworth! What have you been up to while I was away?

WORDSWORTH: Oh nothing much. Just hanging out in my kennel. You know how much I love my kennel.

ME: Oh really? You didn’t by any chance take a nap on my bed?

WORDSWORTH: Why on earth would you think that?

ME: I don’t know, just a hunch. Also, my pillow is covered in short, yellow hairs. 

WORDSWORTH: Those could be anyone’s.

ME: Riiiiiiight. Except you’re the only one in the house who has short yellow fur.

WORDSWORTH: Circumstantial evidence. I want a lawyer.

Family Updates

A lot has changed in our family since I started this blog. In the beginning, we had four pets: Selby, Emerson, Lord Dormir, and Sir Oliver. Of those four, only Sir Oliver remains. He’s a quiet old man with a classic case of resting bitch face, but he’s sweet and he loves our teenaged daughter more than anything else in the world. 

Sir Oliver is a long-haired orange tabby cat. In this picture he is sleeping curled up in a fluffy ball with his head resting in my hand.

You’ve met Wordsworth, of course. He’s still a handsome guy who loves to explore and also loves to lounge around with people. 

Wordsworth is a large yellow lab. In this picture he is laying on his back next to me in the yard

In August of 2015, we were joined by Count Rugen “Cuddles” com Bigglesworth IV (a/k/a “The Count”, or “Count”, or sometimes “CAAAAAAAT”, followed closely by “GETBACKINTHEHOUSE” or “GETOFFOFTHECOUNTER!”). He was raised with a puppy so he mostly tends to prefer the company of the dogs and enjoys chasing Sir Oliver around the house. 

The Count is  tuxedo cat. In this picture he is laying on his back in Wordsworth's kennel.

In January 2016, we met Butler. How he came to join our family is too good of a story to sum up in one sentence, so I’ll have to make that a separate post. This goofy boy loves coming to work with me at the groomer, just like Emerson did. 

This is a picture of our Saint Bernard, shortly after he flopped down in my lap. His mouth is open as if he's smiling, and his huge tongue is hanging out

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