About Emerson

This is a picture of Emerson

(November 29, 2009 – December 2015) Read the rest of Emerson’s story here.

Hello people! My name is Emerson and I am a Bernese Mountain Dog (some people call us “Berners”). Mama says I am named after a street in Minneapolis, MN but I have never seen it. Actually Mama says all the family dogs have been named after streets in Minneapolis or St Paul because their first Berner was named Xerxes after an ancient king or something, but Xerxes is also a street in Minneapolis and Mama and Papa used to live really close to it. Sorry, sometimes when I get excited I talk a lot.

I was born November 29, 2009; Mama says I’m like a teenager except without the grumpy thing. When I was a puppy, Mama worked full-time at the Dog Bath Place and I got to go to work with her EVERY SINGLE DAY. Those days were the best. I was sad when she got a new job but I’m glad she still works there sometimes because she lets me work too. My BFF Scouty goes to work there with his Mama too. I always know when Mama is going to work at the Dog Bath Place because she puts on a special swishy sounding shirt that fur doesn’t stick to. It makes me sad when she goes to work without me. Actually it makes me sad when she goes anywhere without me.

I like almost everything but my most favorite things are Mama, Papa & the Kids, Selby & Scouty, Mama, wagging my tail, saying hi to people, drinking water, Mama, playing in the snow, rolling in the grass, going to work with Mama, neck rubs and other scratches, Mama, sneaking food from the garbage, sniffing butts, finding ways to sneak onto the furniture without anyone noticing, and Mama. I don’t like being alone or sitting still and I really really really don’t like the blow dryer at the Dog Bath Place.


4 responses

  1. Wow Emerson, you sure have grown up!! What a handsome looking young man you have become!!!


    1. Emerson: Thank you Mandy! I have worked very hard to become a nice big Berner like Xerxes was! *wagwagwag*


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  3. […] consequences of any genes she had provided to me. Until I told her if Ian kicks me out of bed, Emerson and I will be coming to live with her & Dad. Then she was all “It’s probably just […]


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