About Our Friends

Not Mama
This is what the dogs call my mother because she sounds like me and she kind of looks me too. The cats call her Kari’s Mother because that is who she is.

Scouty is Emerson’s best doggie friend. He’s a rescue of unknown genetic background, but we call him a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd because that’s exactly what he looks like. Emerson and Scouty have been buddies since Emerson was 3 months old because Scouty’s mom is a groomer at the shop where I work. When we first brought Emerson home, he was small enough to walk under Scouty’s legs. Now Scouty can walk under Emerson.


My friend’s Newfoundland. I’ve known Ada’s human since I was in junior high school (in other words, a long time). Ada is almost two years old and has known our dogs since she was a puppy. Since we sometimes have her over to our house to stay when her people go out of town and she is also a regular client of mine at the groomer’s, she has managed to work her way into more than one of our stories.

This is what Ada would look like if you could see her

She’s a bit bigger than this now, but I love this picture so I had to use it.



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