About Sir Oliver

This is a picture of Sir OliverI am Sir Oliver. I am a busy cat and have very little time for peasants such as yourselves. Kari’s Daughter rescued me from the shelter in 2005 when I was a young cat. She is the Most Important Thing in the World. I do whatever Daughter tells me to do because it is my duty as a cat. I have claws but I do not use them on people because that is Not Right.

I do not appreciate change. I also do not like strangers. I am a master at hide and seek. If you spend a week at my house, I might allow you to see me for a few seconds on the third day. By the end of the week I might permit you pet me for a minute or two. If you are lucky. Now go away because I have an important nap scheduled under this blanket and I do not like to be late for my appointments.

this is Sir Oliver hiding under a blanket

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