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In her own sweet time

Me: Emerson! Selby! Come inside!

Emerson: Okay Mama! *galumph galumph*

Selby: I cannot hear you. I am busy sniffing the snow and pretending not to hear you.

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Emerson discovers a compromise (with photo)

Emerson: I really want to snuggle with you Mama.

Me: You know I always appreciate a cuddle from you Emerson. Come on up on the bed.

Emerson: I dont know Mama. I want to cuddle but I don’t really like to be on the furniture because I get too warm.
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Snow Day (cartoon)


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As long as you’re up…


Me: *waking up* UGH. What time is it?

Clock: It is 3:45 AM.

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Lord Dormir is generous

Me: I’d like to go to sleep now.

Lord Dormir: Good idea. I think I will do that too.

Me: You’re on my pillow.

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