About Selby

This is a cartoon of Selby as an Angel

This is a picture of Selby

My name is Selby; I’m a Saint Bernard. I was born on Jan 26, 2005 which makes me about 80 big dog years old. Mama calls me a “Mini” Saint Bernard because I’m only 100 pounds but for some reason people still think I’m big. I am a dog of few words; I prefer to watch and listen, but I will bark when it’s really important.

My favorite things in the world are Papa, Mama, the Kids, Emerson, other people, other dogs, sleeping on the bed (when Mama and Papa let me), snow, squishy things like pillows, chewing on sticks, and finding food on the floor. Being wet is the worst thing in the world – even worse than being hungry or really really needing to pee.

this is a picture of Selby enjoying the summer sun

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  1. […] might actually be the word I’m looking for here. Two of the dogs in question are mine (a smallish Saint Bernard & a largish Bernese Mountain Dog) and the other two (both Newfoundlands) belong to some friends […]


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