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Wordsworth’s biggest fears

Wordsworth: Mama, can I sit with you on the bed?

Me: Sure. Sit right here so I can scratch your neck for you. Say, your collar has gotten a bit tight; let me fix that for you.


Me: Whoa, calm down. I just need to loosen it for you a little bit. See? I’m all done, and I will put it back on now.

Wordsworth: Oh man, that was a close one. For a second there, I thought you were kicking me out of the family.

Me: Don’t be silly. I might take your collar off before giving you a bath, but I would not kick you out of the family. We all love you too much.

Wordsworth: Did you say BATH? That might be even worse than being homeless again. Man, I really dodged a bullet there.

Third hand

Wordsworth: Hi Mama, whatcha doin?

Me: Putting on my shoes.

Wordsworth: Oh! Well you don’t need two hands for that. You could be petting me with at least one of those hands.

Me: Actually no, I really need both hands to tie my…

Wordsworth: *pushes face in between my hands*

Me: …shoelaces.

Wordsworth: *puppydog eyes*

Me: I guess I should get some slip-on shoes.

You Move, You Lose (cartoon)


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Mama Tries Something New

Emerson: What are you doing, Mama?

Me: Drawing cartoons.

Emerson: You really like drawing don’t you?

Me: Yes, I do. I especially like drawing animals. It makes me happy.

Emerson: Maybe you should draw pictures for other people too, so you can be happy drawing and they can be happy looking at cartoons of their own pets.

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Sir Oliver’s Surprise (cartoon)

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Pride and Predjudice and Cats (cartoon)

A brief dramatization of Freya & Sir Oliver's first meeting (in the style of a British period film)

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A Tale of Three Fetchers (cartoon)

Me: My friends' dogs Milo and Ruby are staying with us for the weekend

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Employment wanted

Me: I’m so tired of washing dishes by hand. I can’t wait until we get the new dishwasher on Thursday.
Emerson: I’m here Mama! You don’t have to wait until Thursday.
Me: That’s not the kind of thing I had in mind.
Emerson: Beggars can’t be choosers Mama. I’ll be right here whenever you change your mind.

Remembering Selby, January 27, 2005-July 29, 2013

Selby was born January 27, 2005 on a farm in Minnesota. We drove down to the farm that spring intending to bring home a boy puppy, but his sister was the one who stole our hearts instead. She was playful and goofy and had the sweetest face. While her brother kept getting distracted by other things, the girl puppy was far more interested in us.

Selby as a 3-month old puppy

Wasn’t she adorable? Of course we had to bring her home. (The other dog in the picture is Xerxes, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2010)

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How Sir Oliver tells time (cartoon)



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