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Artist’s Block

Selby: What’s wrong Mama?

Me: I can’t seem to shake this artist’s block. I want to draw more cartoons, but I can’t seem to finish anything.

Emerson: Ugh, I know just what you mean. Sometimes I really want to scratch an itch but I just can’t reach it.

Me: Um, yeah – sort of like that. My friend Cherish put this drawing on Facebook today to encourage me:

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Amanda Goes Home

Amanda: Well, I guess I better head out now. I have to work early tomorrow.

Me: Okay. Thanks for visiting!

Emerson & Selby: Ooo, you’re jingling keys. Keys mean The Car! Are we going somewhere? Let’s go let’s go LETSGO!

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Emerson meets my friend Amanda

Emerson: Someone’s at the door! WOOFWOOF. WOOF.

Me: It’s my friend Amanda. Hi Amanda!

Selby: I remember Amanda! I like you Amanda! I WANT TO JUMP UP AND LICK YOUR FACE! But I’m not supposed to… Continue reading →

Permission: The cat’s poison

Me: *still wearing my coat after coming home from work* Hello, Sir Oliver! Good to see you.

Sir Oliver: Yes yes, hello etc. You humans always have to waste time with pleasantries don’t you?

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Sir Oliver’s needs are non-negotiable

Me: *watching The Muppet Show with the kids.*

Sir Oliver: =o.o=

Me: Can I help you with something?

Sir Oliver: Your sweater.

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The de-evolution of motivation

Me: Okay self, we have lots to do tonight. Laundry to wash, sort, and put away. Gifts to wrap. Kids to keep on task.

Myself: But I don’t want to do those things. I want to go to bed.

Bed: Yes, come to me. I am warm and cozy.

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Feline Bromance at its finest

Sir Oliver: I believe it is time for me to lounge here on the bed.
Lord Dormir: Pardon me, you appear to need some grooming.
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I don’t know why I did that.

Me: *eating dinner*
Emerson: ZZZZzzzzzzzzWOOF!
Me: What was that for?
Emerson: I don’t….. um… I’m not really sure. But there must have been a really good reason. I better go patrol the kitchen. You know, just to make sure. WOOF!
Me: *shaking my head*
Emerson: Don’t worry, everything’s fine now.
Me: Wasn’t everything fine before?
Emerson: Yes. And it’s still fine. Thanks to me.
Me: Umm…
Emerson: You’re welcome.
Me: …
Emerson: Whatever. You can thank me later.

Emerson defies the laws of physics (again) (with photo)

Emerson: I would like to be in a kennel now. I will use this one because those big kennels over there are closed.

Son: Emerson, that kennel is WAY too small for you. It’s meant for a medium sized dog like a beagle or something.

Emerson: That’s sizeist. I should be able to go into whatever kennel I want. OOF *squishsqueezewiggle* OOF.

Son: MAMA! You have to come see this!

Kennel: I don’t know if my bolts are strong enough to hold me together right now. *Emerson fur sticking out through every hole and seam*

Me: *runs* OMG I need to take a picture of this.


Me: *grumblegrumble* Diane, come quick and bring your cameraphone!

Diane: *takes picture*

Everyone: *LOLforever*

You just had to see it. Sorry

Not the best picture, but I think you get the idea. I mean, he couldn’t even stand up in there – I have no idea how he managed to turn around.


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