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How Not to Try On Shoes

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It’s Petting-O’Clock Somewhere

[Today’s talking cat story is a guest post written by my son. The events below transpired last night after we had all gone to bed. If you like it, be sure to comment and let him know! — Kari]

Son: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Sir Oliver: I desire petting. *walks into Son’s room* Oh. My servant is asleep. I shall wake him. *begins prodding son’s face*

Son: Zzzzzzzxxxnnxx *wakes up* Huh?

Sir Oliver: Oh, good, you are awake. I require a massage.

Son: Dude! It’s 11pm.

Sir Oliver: Time is a social construct invented by humans to avoid their responsibilities towards their feline overlords.

Son: Whatever. I’m going back to sleep.

Sir Oliver: This is outrageous. I will be filing a complaint with the Feline Overlords Union.

Son: Good luck with that. Zzzzzzzz.

Sir Oliver: Hmph. Just for that, I am going to leave a hairball right here where you will step in it when you wake up.

Emerson’s new friend (with photos and video)

This weekend we got adopted by a dog.


When we met him at the shelter, he kept going back to Ian. He liked everybody, but Ian was clearly his favorite, and he got along with Emerson too, which is obviously essential.

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You Move, You Lose (cartoon)


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Sir Oliver’s Surprise (cartoon)

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Droolsicles (Cartoon)


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A Tale of Three Fetchers (cartoon)

Me: My friends' dogs Milo and Ruby are staying with us for the weekend

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Lost in Translation (cartoon)

Son: Hi Mama, I like your haircut!
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The Great Selbydini

GUEST AUTHOR: Karifur’s Son

Son: Selby, Emerson, time to come inside!

Emerson: I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU! I will be happy to come inside.

Son: That’s weird, the gate is closed but Selby’s not in the yard. We will have to find her. Let’s go for a walk.

Emerson: I think maybe she went down this alley. Something smells Selbyish over here. FOLLOW ME!

Son: I don’t see her anywhere…

Selby: *POOF* Surprise! Here I am! Race you home LOL!


Son: Whoa, guys wait for me!

Selby: For my next trick, I will make your sandwich disappear!

My car, the practical joker

Me: Okay car, we’re just going to stop here for a minute and get coffee and say hi to my Dad who’s having coffee here too. Son and I will be right back.

Car: Whatever.

*5 minutes later* Me: Okay I’m back. Time to drive again.

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