About Me

This is a picture of me and Emerson

I’m a 40-something midwesterner named Kari. That’s KAH-ree, not KAY-ree (unless you have known me more than 20 years). I’m a licensed vet tech, but I work full-time in the Admin department of a non-veterinary business and part-time as a bather at a local pet grooming business. I have one husband (Ian), one 19-yr-old Son, one 17-year-old Daughter.

I regularly speak on behalf of my pets in conversations because it’s slightly less crazy than talking to myself. I began posting these conversations on Facebook a while ago after reading Wil Wheaton’s hilarious conversations with his pets which he occasionally posts on his Twitter feed. I started this blog because people keep telling me to expand my audience. Every post is based on real life events. Enjoy!

I also have a little Zazzle shop where I sometimes make fun things for you to buy if you wish. I take requests too – if you want something that isn’t there, just let me know and I will try to make one for you.

You can read my personal blog over at http://karifur.wordpress.com

This is a picture of me in the winter

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