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Me: Hey guys, this is my friend’s dog Milo. He’s going to be staying with us for a few days.

Selby: Pleased to meet you Milo. *polite tail wag*

Emerson: OMG that’s awesome! Hi Milo!!! I’m Emerson! *sniffs Milo’s butt for uncomfortably long time*

Milo: Wow. Dude, it’s just my butt; it’s not a New York Times bestseller. Let’s move on to playing now.

**Original post from October 7, 2011


Furry Padawan (cartoon)

Me: Hi Selby! What are you doing?Selby: I'm staring at this door hoping my Jedi skills have sufficiently developed to cause it to open by the force of my will.Me: ...Selby: *staring*Me: *looking at my watch*Me: *moving closer to door*Me: *reaching for door handle*Me: *opening door*Selby: Hey! It worked!

Tag? We love tag!

Our friends Bella and DiDi over at Paws to Talk tagged us in a post a while ago; I didn’t forget, but I am a terrible procrastinator so I’ve only just gotten around to typing up their answers. Hope you enjoy them!

1. Describe yourselves in 7 words:

Emerson: Furry, handsome, friendly, fun, happy, Mama’s boy.
Selby: Cuddly, quiet, intelligent, good listener, Papa’s girl.
Lord Dormir: Beautiful, irresistible, cuddly, friendly, affectionate, feed me.
Sir Oliver: I really don’t have time for this.

2. What Keeps You Up At Night?

Emerson: Not much. Except maybe having to go potty. It’s pretty hard to sleep when you have to potty.
Selby: I could sleep all night if I had a nice squishy pillow to lay my head on.
Lord Dormir: Knowing that someone somewhere is missing out on the opportunity to pet me. It’s so tragic.
Sir Oliver: So many things – nighttime is the most crucial time of day for an important cat like me. There are so many important things to do at night. Carpets to claw, blankets to hide under, stairs to run up and down. I could go on but I won’t.

3. Who Would You Like To Be?

Emerson: I like being me. I get to eat kibble three times a day, spend time with Mama, Papa, and the kids, and play in the yard. Why would I want to be anyone else?
Selby: What he said.
Lord Dormir: I would like to be a Prince. I don’t think I get enough respect as a mere Lord.
Sir Oliver: I would like to be a cat who doesn’t ever have to meet strangers. Maybe Daughter will move to a cabin in the woods and take me with her.

4. What Are You Wearing Right Now?

Emerson: My blue and green striped collar, and some grass from the backyard.
Selby: My red leather collar and a bandana from the last time Mama gave me a bath.
Lord Dormir: Just my fur because Kari didn’t make me wear that ridiculous t-shirt today, and she still hasn’t found my collar which I have successfully hid from her for several weeks. Muwahahaha!
Sir Oliver: My glow in the dark collar with a bell on it.

5. What Scares You?

Emerson: Nothing! Except for the blow dryer at the dog bath place. Oh man I hate that blow dryer. *shudder*
Selby: Rainstorms. Rivers. Lakes. Anywhere there’s lots of water all in one place really.
Lord Dormir: Being alone.
Sir Oliver: People I don’t know.

6. The Best And Worst Of Blogging:

Emerson: I like making people happy, so I guess that’s the best. But the worst is since we started blogging, Mama has been spending more time with a computer in her lap instead of scratching me.
Lord Dormir: Yes, it’s true. She hardly ever lets me sit on her chest like I used to. Now I have to sit next to her. Maybe if I’m lucky she lets me sit on her shoulder. On the other hand, I like the attention from all these readers!
Sir Oliver: The worst part is having to talk to all these strange people. There is no best part.

7. The Last Website I Visited?

Emerson: We don’t visit any websites other than our own. Our paws are too big to use the keyboard and it’s hard to work the mouse without opposable thumbs.

8. What Is The One Thing I Would Change About Myself?

Emerson: I would like to spend more time with Mama.
Selby: I would never take a bath again. Ever.
Lord Dormir: I would love to have my beautiful long fur again without getting hairballs all the time.
Sir Oliver: I would not change anything. I am perfect exactly as I am.

9.  Slankets?

Selby: We have discussed this as a group and come to the conclusion that we have no idea what this is. But if it’s some kind of food, we’re all in favor of it.

10.  Tell Us Something About The Dogs That Tagged You:

Emerson: DiDi and Bella are very smart dogs and always give good advice to other dogs. Also they alway have nice things to say on our blogs. I wish we knew them for real; I bet we would have tons of fun playing in our yard!
Selby: Yes, I always wag my tail when I see a comment from them on our blog!

Not Mama (Cartoon)

My mom: "Hello! Is anyone home?"Emerson: "Is that you Mama?" My mom: "No, I'm not Mama. She's my daughter actually."Selby: "Who's out there, Emerson? I thought I heard Mama." My mom: "Sorry Selby, I'm not Mama. But people often say we sound alike."Selby: "Oh."Emerson: "..." Selby: "..." My mom: "..."Emerson: "Do you think you could let us out, Not Mama?" Selby: "Yes. I've been staring at the door for an hour but it won't open. I guess my Jedi skills aren't strong enough yet."

Puppy Karma (cartoon)

Xerxes gets ready for a napSelby introduces herselfXerxes makes a wishSelby and Xerxes setlle in for a napEmerson introduces himselfSelby makes a wish. Xerxes laughs to himselfEmerson and Selby settle in for a napAda introduces herself to Emerson. Ada is very talkative.Selby laughs. Emerson tells her not to say I told you so.

Cat Person

Lord Dormir: Hello Kari’s Mom. You are not currently petting a cat. I am here to remedy this atrocity.

Mom: Thank you, but I’d really prefer not to pet a cat at all.

Lord Dormir: Don’t be ridiculous. Everyone wants to pet a cat.

Mom: Not me. I’m not really a cat person.

Lord Dormir: Impossible. You just haven’t met the right cat yet. I’m sure I could change your mind.

Mom: No thank you. I just don’t especially like cats. I never have.

Lord Dormir: That’s unbelievably racist.

Mom: I never thought of it that way. Sorry.

Lord Dormir: I forgive you. I will permit you to make it up for it by petting me. You can start under the chin.

Exercise Advice

Lord Dormir: Boy, you look tired Kari. You should sit down in bed and pet the cat.

Me: I am tired. I’ve been exercising at the gym so my muscles are really sore too.

Emerson: Exercise? Why would you want to do that? *yawn*

Me: Well, I’m trying to strengthen and tone my arms and increase my stamina so I can do a 10K race in May.

Lord Dormir: If you need to work on your arms, you might considering petting the cat a little more often.

Emerson: I like to exercise a little bit. There’s nothing like a nice game of tag in the backyard with Selby. But anything that makes you this tired can’t be good for you.

Lord Dormir: I agree. Forget about this “Jim” person and stay home to pet me tomorrow. And if you really need to increase your stamina, how about walking downstairs and putting some food in my dish?

Me: I will consider your suggestions.

Lord Dormir: You mean you will ignore them, as usual?

Me: Pretty much.

Cleaning floor

Selby: What are you doing Mama?

Me: I’m cleaning the kitchen floor, because it’s really dirty.

Selby: *high five*

Me: Thanks Selby!

Emerson: Why are you doing that Mama?! You’re cleaning up all the delicious food spills! I was saving those for a rainy day!

Me: Sorry, but it was really gross in here.

Emerson: No, it WAS wonderful. NOW it’s gross. The floor just tastes like lemons. Blecch.


Selby: OMG , look what I found in the yard!

Selby has a very big stick

Emerson: What have you got there? Give it to us!

Emerson sees the stick

Selby: No! It’s mine; I found it!

Selby thinks Emerson is trying to steal her giant stick

Emerson: Look, it’s big enough for both of us. Let’s both have it.

Selby: Okay.

Emerson and Selby decide to share the stick

Me: One stick to rule them all; one stick to find them; one stick to bring them all & in the darkness bind them.

Emerson: Mama, you’re so silly.

Selby: My precious…

**Original post from September 24, 2011

Lovely Day

Me: It really is a lovely day to lie on a blanket in the backyard looking at the clouds.

Emerson: Yes it is also a lovely day for petting your dog. Here is my neck. Scratch it or I will lick your face.

This is Emerson asking me to scratch his neck

**Original post from September 23, 2011

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