About Lord Dormir

Appx July 2003-June 27, 2013
This is a picture of Lord Dormir

I am Lord Dormir, the most beautiful cat in the world. My beautiful white and orange fur is supposed to be very long (see below) but my lady Kari cuts it very short because she says I do such a good job cleaning myself that I give myself hairballs. She is right of course, but a cat must do what a cat must do in order to be beautiful. I don’t mind having my fur short though because I have more time to get petted if I am not cleaning my fur all the time.

Kari found me at the Humane Society in July 2004 and I made sure she fell in love with me immediately by looking gorgeous and being extremely affectionate. I like all the other people in the house too but Kari is my favorite. I don’t have any claws, but that doesn’t bother me because it means I can scratch the furniture as much as I want and no one yells at me.

Since I am so beautiful, I know that it is the secret ambition of everyone in the world to spend more time petting me. Sometimes I have to be persistent in order to remind people how much they want to pet me. I simply don’t take no for an answer; it is my duty as a cat. Speaking of which, why aren’t you petting me?

Lord Dormir with long hair

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