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Fetch. You’re doing it wrong.

Scouty and Sammy: Play fetch?

Me: Okay. *throws ball*

Scouty: I’ll get it, Kari!

Sammy: No I will get it!

Scouty: Okay I give up.

Sammy: HAHA OLD MAN YOU ARE TOO SLOW! *gets ball*

Me: Good job, now bring it here so I throw it again!

Sammy: *drops ball*

Me: Um, Sammy, that’s 3 feet away. You’re supposed to bring it TO me.

Sammy: Beggars can’t be choosers, Kari. If you wanted the ball over there you should have gotten it yourself.

Scouty: I would have brought it all the way there.

Invisible cat is [not] invisible (cartoon)

Ian: *mowing lawn*
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The Great Selbydini

GUEST AUTHOR: Karifur’s Son

Son: Selby, Emerson, time to come inside!

Emerson: I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU! I will be happy to come inside.

Son: That’s weird, the gate is closed but Selby’s not in the yard. We will have to find her. Let’s go for a walk.

Emerson: I think maybe she went down this alley. Something smells Selbyish over here. FOLLOW ME!

Son: I don’t see her anywhere…

Selby: *POOF* Surprise! Here I am! Race you home LOL!


Son: Whoa, guys wait for me!

Selby: For my next trick, I will make your sandwich disappear!

My car, the practical joker

Me: Okay car, we’re just going to stop here for a minute and get coffee and say hi to my Dad who’s having coffee here too. Son and I will be right back.

Car: Whatever.

*5 minutes later* Me: Okay I’m back. Time to drive again.

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