Wordsworth’s Happy Tail letter

Dear 4 Luv of Dog rescue,

Thank you for taking me into your rescue so that I could meet my new family! Even though I was only at your shelter for a short time, I enjoyed meeting you all!

My new family loves me very much and I love them too. They have a nice big yard so I can run around outside all that I want and they said when the weather is nice they will teach me to play fetch. I don’t know why they don’t want to play outside with me all the time; -16 degrees is not that cold if you wear a fur coat! I love to run and jump through all the deep snow, and I love playing with my new doggy brother Emerson. He doesn’t mind the cold either so we have lots of fun in the snow together. Here we are in the kitchen after playing outside:


I love being inside with my family too. Papa is my favorite but I love my Mama and my two kids, too. They all have nice laps for sitting on, and they give me lots of scratches and cuddles. They even give me treats just for sitting and lying down and stuff, and they even let me sit on the couch with them. I think they will be very easy to train. Here’s a picture of me helping Mama keep warm at bedtime. Yep, I think I’ll keep them all.

Wordsworth the lap dog

Wags and kisses,
Wordsworth (formerly known as Dustin)


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  1. Aw, you warmed my little heart with this.


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