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Family Updates

A lot has changed in our family since I started this blog. In the beginning, we had four pets: Selby, Emerson, Lord Dormir, and Sir Oliver. Of those four, only Sir Oliver remains. He’s a quiet old man with a classic case of resting bitch face, but he’s sweet and he loves our teenaged daughter more than anything else in the world. 

Sir Oliver is a long-haired orange tabby cat. In this picture he is sleeping curled up in a fluffy ball with his head resting in my hand.

You’ve met Wordsworth, of course. He’s still a handsome guy who loves to explore and also loves to lounge around with people. 

Wordsworth is a large yellow lab. In this picture he is laying on his back next to me in the yard

In August of 2015, we were joined by Count Rugen “Cuddles” com Bigglesworth IV (a/k/a “The Count”, or “Count”, or sometimes “CAAAAAAAT”, followed closely by “GETBACKINTHEHOUSE” or “GETOFFOFTHECOUNTER!”). He was raised with a puppy so he mostly tends to prefer the company of the dogs and enjoys chasing Sir Oliver around the house. 

The Count is  tuxedo cat. In this picture he is laying on his back in Wordsworth's kennel.

In January 2016, we met Butler. How he came to join our family is too good of a story to sum up in one sentence, so I’ll have to make that a separate post. This goofy boy loves coming to work with me at the groomer, just like Emerson did. 

This is a picture of our Saint Bernard, shortly after he flopped down in my lap. His mouth is open as if he's smiling, and his huge tongue is hanging out


Remembering Selby, January 27, 2005-July 29, 2013

Selby was born January 27, 2005 on a farm in Minnesota. We drove down to the farm that spring intending to bring home a boy puppy, but his sister was the one who stole our hearts instead. She was playful and goofy and had the sweetest face. While her brother kept getting distracted by other things, the girl puppy was far more interested in us.

Selby as a 3-month old puppy

Wasn’t she adorable? Of course we had to bring her home. (The other dog in the picture is Xerxes, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2010)

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In her own sweet time

Me: Emerson! Selby! Come inside!

Emerson: Okay Mama! *galumph galumph*

Selby: I cannot hear you. I am busy sniffing the snow and pretending not to hear you.

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As long as you’re up…


Me: *waking up* UGH. What time is it?

Clock: It is 3:45 AM.

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Cold enough for ya?

Me: Man, it is really cold outside.

Selby: Did you say “OUTSIDE”? I like to go outside! Can I please go outside?

Me: Okay but it’s 16 degrees below zero. That’s very cold.

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How the heck did he know?

Me: Outside?
Emerson: Okay I guess.
*A few minutes later*
Emerson: Okay I’m done can I come in now?
Me: Yes you can come in. Selby, time to come inside.
Selby: Oh. Okay I guess. *pout*

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How to Speak Cavachon

Me: Hey guys, this is my friend’s cavachon. His name is Chester, and he’ll be staying with us this weekend.
Selby: Hello Chester. Let’s go outside.
Emerson: Hi Chester! I’m going to sniff your butt for an uncomfortably long time.
Chester: Okay. I’m going to go pee on this fence.
Emerson & Selby: Oh boy, pee-mail! *sniffsniffsniffsniffsniff*
Me: What does it say?
Selby: It says “This fence belongs to Chester.”
Chester: I’m also going to pee on the corner of the garage.
Emerson: *sniffsniffsniff*
Me: What does that one say?
Emerson: “This building also belongs to Chester.”
Chester: And the house.
Emerson: “Ditto”
Chester: And this tree stump.
Emerson: “Heck with it. Everything in this yard belongs to Chester.”
Me: Aren’t you going to pee on those spots too or something? You know, to remind him that it’s actually your yard.
Emerson: No, Mama, that’s silly. I don’t care whose yard it is as long as I still get to roll in the leaves and nap in the sun.

Daddy’s Girl (with photo)

Me: We’re home!

Selby: Yay! I love home! Oh look it’s Papa! I haven’t seen him in 8 hours. That’s almost practically FOREVER! PAPA I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!

Ian: Hi Selby! Did you have a good time at the groomer’s?

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Who doesn’t love dogs?

Selby:  Hi Mama, what are you doing?

Me: I’m holding this cat.

Selby: Why are you holding the cat?

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Saint Bernard love

Teah (a coworker): Hi everyone! Oooh, I love Saint Bernards. Selby you are a pretty dog!

Selby: Thank you! As a reward for your kind words, you may scratch my belly.

Teah:  I’d be delighted to scratch your belly.

Selby:  Of course you would. Everyone loves to scratch my belly. A little to the left.

[Editor’s note: This is a series of conversations I wrote on my other blog last summer, when I brought Selby to work at the groomer’s with me.]

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