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How much is that guilt-trip in the window? (With photos)

Wordsworth: Hey Mama, what are you putting into that bag?

Me: A swimsuit and a change of clothes. Daughter and I are going to see some friends at their family’s lake house.

Wordsworth: I don’t think I know what a lake is but I can’t wait to find out!

Me: Sorry buddy, but we can’t bring you with us. Maybe another time.

Wordsworth: Oh. I see how it is. So I’m just gonna go ahead and stare at you pathetically through the window as you back out of the driveway. We’ll see how much you’ll enjoy your trip to the lake WITHOUT ME.

Son: Sheesh, it’s like something out of a horror story. “The house has been abandoned for years, but on fine summer days, people still see the ghost of a yellow lab staring sadly out the window at them.”





Turnabout is fair play (with photos)

Emerson: Mama, may I be on the bed with you?

Me: Sure.

Wordsworth: Great idea! I’ll come up there with you too! Hey! This bed is kind of lumpy!

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Emerson’s new friend (with photos and video)

This weekend we got adopted by a dog.


When we met him at the shelter, he kept going back to Ian. He liked everybody, but Ian was clearly his favorite, and he got along with Emerson too, which is obviously essential.

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Sir Oliver versus bathroom door (with photos)

Me: *goes into bathroom and closes door*

Sir Oliver: This door is closed. That is unacceptable.

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Emerson takes care of me (with photo)

Emerson: What’s the matter Mama? You don’t seem like yourself.

Me: I don’t feel well today. I came home early from work because I’m sick.

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Emerson discovers a compromise (with photo)

Emerson: I really want to snuggle with you Mama.

Me: You know I always appreciate a cuddle from you Emerson. Come on up on the bed.

Emerson: I dont know Mama. I want to cuddle but I don’t really like to be on the furniture because I get too warm.
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HO HO- no. (with photo)

Me: Guess what, Lord Dormir?

Lord Dormir: You invented an automatic cat-petting machine?

Me: Uhh… no. But I did buy you a new jacket to replace the old fleece one which is all worn out.

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The Orange Dagger demonstrates his greatest superpower

Invisibility, obviously.

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Selby and Emerson: *spoon*

Me: Awww… *takes picture*

Emerson: Seriously Mama, do you HAVE to take our picture every time we cuddle? You’re like one of those puparazzi who take pictures of famous people all the time.

Me: I think you mean paparazzi.

Emerson: Whatever. Just calm down with the pictures already.

**Original post from December 1, 2011

Wherein Emerson is foldable

Emerson: Mama, may I sleep on the bed until Papa comes home?

Me: I don’t mind, but I don’t know if there’s room. Selby is taking up almost the whole bed except for this tiny sliver of mattress which is just about big enough for the cat.

Emerson: I think I can make it. *defies laws of physics*

Me: Wow, I didn’t even know you could touch all four feet to your nose at the same time.

Emerson: Me neither.

Me: Is that even comfortable?

Emerson: *snore*

Me: I guess that’s a yes.

Apparently Emerson is foldable**Original post from October 31, 2011

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