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Remembering Selby, January 27, 2005-July 29, 2013

Selby was born January 27, 2005 on a farm in Minnesota. We drove down to the farm that spring intending to bring home a boy puppy, but his sister was the one who stole our hearts instead. She was playful and goofy and had the sweetest face. While her brother kept getting distracted by other things, the girl puppy was far more interested in us.

Selby as a 3-month old puppy

Wasn’t she adorable? Of course we had to bring her home. (The other dog in the picture is Xerxes, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2010)

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My heart has joined The Thousand

When I was growing up, the movie Watership Down was one of my favorites. If you have seen this movie you might be surprised to hear that and wonder what my parents were thinking, letting a kid watch a movie like that. If you have never heard of this movie, go here and read about it. When I got older I read the book and loved it too. At one point in the story, the rabbits gather around a fallen companion and say “My heart has joined The Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.” This little prayer has always helped take the sharp edges of the loss of a furry loved one, at least for me.

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