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Mama Tries Something New

Emerson: What are you doing, Mama?

Me: Drawing cartoons.

Emerson: You really like drawing don’t you?

Me: Yes, I do. I especially like drawing animals. It makes me happy.

Emerson: Maybe you should draw pictures for other people too, so you can be happy drawing and they can be happy looking at cartoons of their own pets.

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Artist’s Block

Selby: What’s wrong Mama?

Me: I can’t seem to shake this artist’s block. I want to draw more cartoons, but I can’t seem to finish anything.

Emerson: Ugh, I know just what you mean. Sometimes I really want to scratch an itch but I just can’t reach it.

Me: Um, yeah – sort of like that. My friend Cherish put this drawing on Facebook today to encourage me:

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