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The League of Extraordinary Cuteness (cartoon)

These are my pets displaying their secret identities

Quantum Cat. Super Powers: Super-perseverance, 'Who-Isn't-Petting-A-Cat' Sense, Undetectable slow motion

Secret Identity: Lord Dormir


Secret Identity: Emerson


Secret Identity: Selby

The Orange dagger. Superpowers: Invisibility, teleportation, super-sharp claws

Secret Identity: Sir Oliver

Picture of all 4 pets as Superheroes. Lord Dormir says "Hello, ladies"


We wear braces now (cartoon)

My daughter got braces on Wednesday. We knew this would be tough for her, even though she was looking forward to it, so the pets and I got together and made this cartoon for her: Continue reading →

Morning Breath (cartoon)

Me: Ugh. I have MAJOR morning breathSelby: Yes, Mama, you sure do.Me: I'm going to brush my teeth.Selby: Why would you want to do that? Morning breath smells great! I have morning breath too, see?

I made this for you. (Cartoon)

This is a cartoon of the five of us

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