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We wear braces now (cartoon)

My daughter got braces on Wednesday. We knew this would be tough for her, even though she was looking forward to it, so the pets and I got together and made this cartoon for her: Continue reading →


Ada’s New Pool (cartoon)

Me: Emerson, you remember my friend's Newfoundland, Ada, right?

Emerson: 'Of course! Hi Ada!' Ada: *sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniffsniffsniff* Continue reading →

Pencil Pushing (Cartoon)

Me: *writing* ; Lord Dormir *sitting* Continue reading →

Inequity (cartoon)

Lord Dormir: Kari, we need to talk.Me: Sure. What's Up? -- Lord Dormir: All your cartoons are about the dogs. Where are all the cat cartoons? I mean, there are probably hundreds of people waiting to admire me. It's unfair.Me: Good point. What about you, Sir Oliver? -- Sir Oliver: As if I want a bunch of strangers staring at me.Me: What if I told you we're in a cartoon right now? -- Lord Dormir: WHAT?! I didn't even have time to fix my fur! -- Sir Oliver: *eyes widen in horror*Lord Dormir: *disappears off screen* -- Sir Oliver: *hides under table* -- Me: ...Me: You DO know they can still see you, right Sir Oliver? -- Lord Dormir: *appearing in the front of the panel* How YOU doin'? *wink*

Not Mama (Cartoon)

My mom: "Hello! Is anyone home?"Emerson: "Is that you Mama?" My mom: "No, I'm not Mama. She's my daughter actually."Selby: "Who's out there, Emerson? I thought I heard Mama." My mom: "Sorry Selby, I'm not Mama. But people often say we sound alike."Selby: "Oh."Emerson: "..." Selby: "..." My mom: "..."Emerson: "Do you think you could let us out, Not Mama?" Selby: "Yes. I've been staring at the door for an hour but it won't open. I guess my Jedi skills aren't strong enough yet."

Puppy Karma (cartoon)

Xerxes gets ready for a napSelby introduces herselfXerxes makes a wishSelby and Xerxes setlle in for a napEmerson introduces himselfSelby makes a wish. Xerxes laughs to himselfEmerson and Selby settle in for a napAda introduces herself to Emerson. Ada is very talkative.Selby laughs. Emerson tells her not to say I told you so.

Morning Breath (cartoon)

Me: Ugh. I have MAJOR morning breathSelby: Yes, Mama, you sure do.Me: I'm going to brush my teeth.Selby: Why would you want to do that? Morning breath smells great! I have morning breath too, see?

Sadness Radar (cartoon)

Selby: I was just having a nap, and woke up because I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if someone in this house was feeling very sad.Me: Yes, Selby that was me. I’ve been having a very rough week and all the sadness I’ve been holding in just spilled out.Selby: I’m sorry. Let me rest my head on your lap and soak up all the sad.Me: Thanks Selby. You always know just when I need a hug.

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