About Freya

Freya belongs to a good friend of mine; she lived with us temporarily while my friend is house-hunting. She is a very sweet cat with short gray fur and, let us say, a rather… rotund shape.

The first two days Freya was with us she hid in our basement and was so quiet that we actually thought she had somehow escaped from the house. Eventually we found her hiding inside the pallet which keeps the washer and dryer up off the basement floor. It’s amazing how small a space she can squeeze herself into – Freya is really not a small cat.

She sleeps in my son’s room with him at night. She enjoys being petted but does not like to be picked up – she is very vocal about this. Actually, she is very vocal about everything. She yells at you if her food dish is empty at mealtime. She yells at Sir Oliver for getting to close to her space. She yells at Emerson just for existing, poor guy. Also, she doesn’t have any claws but doesn’t let that stop her from slapping any other animal who gets in her bubble.


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