Canine Revelations (cartoon)

I originally posted this story in text form several years ago, but thought it would be more fun as a cartoon. Hope you enjoy it!

EMERSON: “Hi Mama, I— Umm... what are you doing to your head?”

ME: “I’m styling my hair.”; SELBY: “That’s weird. You almost never do that. And... is that a dress you’re wearing?”

ME: “Well, sort of. It’s more like a really long shirt. It’s my company’s holiday party so I want to look nice.”; EMERSON: “You’re wearing jewelry too. You’re not... um... going to put on makeup are you?”

ME: “What a strange question. Why do you ask?”

SELBY: “So sayeth Canine Revelations: Verily I say unto thee: When Mama does fancy things to her hair, and wears a dress, and adorns herself with sparkly stones, and paints makeup on her face, so shall be foretold the end of days.”

ME: “Hahaha well, not to worry. I don’t think I even own any makeup.”

ME: “I guess the apocalypse is canceled.”; SELBY: “It’s a Christmas miracle!”

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