Sleeveless (cartoon)

It has been a very, very, very long time since I finished a cartoon and shared it here for you. Thanks to a recent incident, I was inspired to make this little story for you. Please enjoy:

ME: "It's a bit chilly today, so I think I'll put on a sweater."ME (looking at my left sleeve, which is shorter than the other, with ragged edges at the bottom): "What the..? WORDSWORTH!"WORDSWORTH (walking into the frame from the left): "Hi Mama! Did you call me?"ME: "Yes I did. My favorite sweater seems to be missing half a sleeve." WORDSWORTH (eyes widen): "Wow. That's pretty weird."ME: "Yeah. It's almost as if someone has EATEN part of it. YOU wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"WORDSWORTH: "If you didn't want anyone to eat it, you probably shouldn't have left it lying around looking delicious where anybody could walk up and chew on it."ME: *frowning*; WORDSWORTH: *Glancing at me*WORDSWORTH: "I mean no. I don't know anything about that."


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