Sick Puppy (cartoon)

ME: Hi Wordsworth! Are you feeling okay? You look a little green. WORDSWORTH: Hi Mama. I don't feel well at all. [Gagging noises]

WORDSWORTH: Ah, that's better. ME: Awww, poor guy. Wait. Is that... a sock? WORDSWORTH: [sniffing vomit] Yes, I think it is.

ME: Why do you keep eating those things? You know they make you sick. WORDSWORTH: I don't know, Mama. I guess they're just so delicious I can't help myself.

WORDSWORTH: What's that you're eating, Mama? ME: It's an ice cream cone. WORDSWORTH: Umm... aren't you lactose intolerant?

ME: ... WORDSWORTH: ... [head tilt] ME: ...

ME: That's completely different. WORDSWORTH: Riiiiiiiiiiight.


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