Pride and Predjudice and Cats (cartoon)

A brief dramatization of Freya & Sir Oliver's first meeting (in the style of a British period film)

Me: Sir Oliver, please allow me to make known to you our new lodger, Miss Freya

Me: ...

Sir Oliver: *drinks water*

Me: *Ahem*

Sir Oliver: It is a singular honor to make your acquaintance, to be sure *holds out left paw*

Freya: *slaps Sir Oliver in the face*

Sir Oliver: I say, madam. That was entirely uncalled for.

Freya: Surely you must be ill-bred. How DARE you offer your LEFT hand to a lady! It is not to be borne.

Sir Oliver: Verily, your impertinence is beyond measure. Kindly remove this repugnant creature from my presence. *turns back to Freya*

A brief dramatization of Sir Oliver and Freya's first meeting (in the style of a modern reality TV show)

*cats fighting*

5 responses

  1. Ha! I love it! Great post. P.S. Maybe they grow to love each other? :)


    1. I am hoping that eventually Freya (Lizzie) will realize how wrong she was about Sir Oliver (Mr Darcy) and grow to appreciate him as we do. :)


  2. FUNNY! Cats & Jane Austen? Two of my favorite things! LOVE!


  3. Freya reminds me of a weeping angel when she slaps Sir Oliver.


    1. Funny that you would say that, because that is exactly what I was going for. :)


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