A Tale of Three Fetchers (cartoon)

Me: My friends' dogs Milo and Ruby are staying with us for the weekend

Milo: Is that a tennis ball in your right hand, Kari? Please tell me you are going to throw it!

Me: Of course, Milo. Go get it!

Milo: I'll get it! I'll get it!

Ruby: *steals the ball and runs away*

Milo: Ruby took the ball and won't give it back. Ruby: Hahahahaha *running circles around the yard*

Me: Don't worry, Milo. I have a baseball here too. *throws ball*

Milo: YAY! This one is mine!

Milo: Ruby took the baseball. So I brought you the tennis ball instead.

Me: Good boy, Milo! Emerson, why don't you ever fetch like that?

Emerson: If you want the ball that badly, stop throwing it away.

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