Lost in Translation (cartoon)

Son: Hi Mama, I like your haircut!

Me: Thank you, Son. Welcome Home.
Son: (seeing Emerson curled up asleep with his legs bent at strange angles) Hahaha Emerson, is that even comfortable? Woof woof woof?
Me: Umm... Did you just bark at Emerson?
Son: I was just trying to speak dog to see if he would talk to me.
Emerson: No offense, but your accent is terrible.
Son: Woof woooof woof WOOFWOOF?
Emerson: You just asked me why the cheeseburger had a purple moustache.
* Little-known fact: Emerson often sleeps in bizarre, tangled-looking positions like this. He seems to be perfectly comfortable but that doesn’t stop us from laughing at his contortionism.

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