My car, the practical joker

Me: Okay car, we’re just going to stop here for a minute and get coffee and say hi to my Dad who’s having coffee here too. Son and I will be right back.

Car: Whatever.

*5 minutes later* Me: Okay I’m back. Time to drive again.

Car: I don’t think I feel like starting right now. I’m just gonna go ahead and do nothing when you turn the key, mmkay?

Me: That is not cool, car. Let’s try this again.

Car: Nope. Still not feeling it.

Me: Alright, Son, go back into the coffee shop and ask Grandpa for a ride. I’ll just try one more time.

Car: NO WAIT! I was just messing with you guys. I can totally start. See? SEE?? DON’T LEAVE ME!

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