Sir Oliver versus bathroom door (with photos)

Me: *goes into bathroom and closes door*

Sir Oliver: This door is closed. That is unacceptable.

Me: I am using the bathroom. I closed the door for privacy.

Sir Oliver: That is no excuse. Open this door immediately or I will tear it down with my my mighty claws.

Me: No, I-

Sir Oliver: Alright, you asked for it.





Me: How’s that working out for you?

Sir Oliver: I have just remembered something important I need to do in a different room. I am not admitting defeat.

Me: Right.

One response

  1. My 4-footed friends don’t put forth that much effort. They whine or meow pitifully until I can’t stand the pain any longer. Makes it hard to do your business in the bathroom when you have to keep the cat from jumping on your lap, or keep the dog nose away.


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