In her own sweet time

Me: Emerson! Selby! Come inside!

Emerson: Okay Mama! *galumph galumph*

Selby: I cannot hear you. I am busy sniffing the snow and pretending not to hear you.

Me: Fine, then you can stay outside until I come back.

*two minutes later*

Selby: *scratches on door*”Okay I am ready to come in now.
*scratch* Mama?
*scratch scratch* MAMA?
*scratch scratch scratch* MAAAAAAMMMMAAAAAAAAA?

Me: Aw man, I just got comfortable. *opens door*

Selby: I’m sorry, I can’t come in because now I am busy staring out at the driveway where nothing whatsoever is happening.

Me: *facepalm*


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