As long as you’re up…


Me: *waking up* UGH. What time is it?

Clock: It is 3:45 AM.

Me: Great. *picking up vomited chunk of sponge* Emerson, that’s nasty.

Emerson: I know, that’s why I got sick. Say, as long as you’re up, why not put some food in our dishes? I’ll sit here in my spot and wait.

Selby: That is a good idea. I will sit here drooling on the floor, just in case you agree.

Me: Emerson, If you think I’m going to give you food after you woke me up by getting sick on my floor at 3:45 AM, you are out of your mind.

Emerson: Can’t blame a dog for trying.

Selby: I didn’t get sick on the floor.

Me: I know, but I am still not going to feed you until after the sun comes up.

Selby: That’s totally unfair.

Me: So is waking up to the sound of a dog vomiting in my bedroom at 3:45am, but here I am anyway.

Emerson: Touche.

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