Cold enough for ya?

Me: Man, it is really cold outside.

Selby: Did you say “OUTSIDE”? I like to go outside! Can I please go outside?

Me: Okay but it’s 16 degrees below zero. That’s very cold.

Selby: Don’t be such a weenie Mama. We’re Swiss mountain dogs. We’re built for cold weather.

Me: Okay but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Do you need to go outside Emerson?

Emerson: Heck yeah! I TOTALLY need to be outside right now.

Me: *opens door*

Selby: Yay! I love outsi- HOLY FUZZBALLS IT IS COLD OUT HERE! Let me back in!

Emerson: Yeah, I totally need to be inside right now.

Me: I told you it was really cold out there. It’s 33 below with the windchill.

Emerson: Mama you know I’m not that good with numbers. But I think maybe my whiskers are frozen.

Selby: It’s so cold I can’t even wag my tail properly.

Me: I thought you guys were “built for cold weather”.

Selby: Mama that’s not ordinary cold out there. It’s brutal.

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