HO HO- no. (with photo)

Me: Guess what, Lord Dormir?

Lord Dormir: You invented an automatic cat-petting machine?

Me: Uhh… no. But I did buy you a new jacket to replace the old fleece one which is all worn out.

Lord Dormir: Historically this has not worked out in my favor.

Me: Well, I think this one is really cute. Also, very festive.

Lord Dormir: Alright, let’s see it then.


Lord Dormir: If you make me wear this, I will knead you repeatedly in the exact same spot until your skin turns black and blue.

Me: First of all, how is that different from any other day? Secondly, totally worth it.

Lord Dormir: Fine, I’ll wear it. But you are not putting my picture in the blog.

Me: Too late.

Lord Dormir: I’m calling the ASPCA.

Me: This is the cutest jacket of all time. Obviously they’ll side with me.


2 responses

  1. LOVE.

    Once again, I cheer for Lord Dormir, cute jacket and all.


    1. He graciously accepts your adoration from afar, as he knows it is well-deserved.


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