30 Candles

Me: OMG Emerson I almost forgot, it’s your birthday today! I’m so sorry!

Emerson: I can’t believe you forgot my 30th birthday.

Me: You’re only three.

Emerson: Mama, every human year is like 10 years for a big dog like me.

Me: I suppose that’s somewhat true. But at least I remembered before the day was over.

Emerson: Not until after I went to sleep. It’s just like that movie One Hundred and Sixty Candles.

Me: I don’t know that movie.

Emerson: Sure you do! That one where everyone forgets the red-haired girl’s birthday because her sister’s getting married, and her Papa finally remembers but not until after she goes to bed. You’ve watched it millions of times.

Me: Oh, you mean Sixteen Candles!

Emerson: And at the end of the movie she gets a cake.

Me: You’re not getting a cake.

Emerson: You can’t just rewrite the ending Mama. One Hundred and Sixty Candles is a classic.

Me: Think of it as a reboot. All the classics are getting one these days. At least your best friend’s little brother didn’t pay a dollar to see your underpants at the dance last night.

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