Emerson is a little bit codependent

Emerson: Mama, you are wearing a swishy shirt. Swishy shirts mean The Dog Bath Place.

Me: Yes, Emerson. I work at the groomer’s later today.

Emerson: I hope you are not planning to sneak out without me like you did on Saturday.

Me: No, I will be bringing you to the groomer’s with me when I go.

Emerson: Good. Hey, where are you going?

Me: The bathroom.

Emerson: Don’t go without me!

Me: I do not require your assistance in the bathroom. You can wait in the kitchen.

Emerson: Okay but I will sit right by the door so you don’t sneak out without me knowing.

*later in the bedroom*

Daughter: Hi Emerson!

Emerson: WAIT! If you pet me now and Mama decides to leave, I might miss it. Let me move  closer to Mama first. *moves 3 inches closer* Okay, now you can pet me.

*later in the living room*

Emerson: OMG you moved. Are you leaving? Don’t leave without me!

Me: I am not going anywhere. I am just adjusting myself into a more comfortable reading position.

Emerson: PHWEW! That was a close one!

Me: This is just ridiculous. Next time I’m not going to put on my grooming shirt until it’s time to go to work.

Emerson: Did you say “work”? OMG DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT ME!!!!

Me: *facepalm*

2 responses

  1. Emerson sounds exactly like my dog Mimi, only mimi will wake up out of a dead tree and be out the the open door waiting by the car before you can count one mississippi… *sigh* the life of a parent of a co dependant dog=)


    1. LOL At least you know Mimi loves you, right? That’s what I always tell myself when I’m shaking my head in frustration.
      (PS- So sorry I almost missed this one in the spam filter and didn’t see it til today. Thanks for commenting!)


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