Emerson is too smart for his own good

Me: *packing a suitcase*
Emerson: Hi Mama, what are you doing?
Me: Um. Nothing. Just putting some clothes and things in a box.
Emerson: You can’t fool me, Mama. You are going on A Trip.
Me: Why on Earth would you say that?

Emerson: Because that’s not just any box, it’s a box with wheels. And you put lots of shirts and pants and socks in it. And I saw you put books into that bag there, AND your iPad AND the cord for your cell phone which you never unplug unless you are going away. But the worst part is you’re not bringing me with you.
Me: How do you know that?
Emerson: Because you didn’t put my food dish in that wheely box, and you aren’t wearing a swishy shirt. Also Daughter keeps saying she doesn’t want you to go and that she will miss you, but she didn’t say that to me.
Me: You’re right, I can’t fool you.
Emerson: This must be what they mean by “Too smart for my own good.”
Me: I suppose it is.
Emerson: I guess I’ll just go lay down in front of the door so you can’t leave.

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