Passive-agressive dog is passive-agressive

[Editor’s note: This is a series of conversations I wrote on my other blog last summer, when I brought Selby to work at the groomer’s with me. Emerson is usually the one who goes with me, so Selby had a lot to say about it.]

Selby:  Hi Mama! What are you doing with that leash?

Me:  I’m going to work at the groomers now. Would you like to come with me?

Selby:  Really?! That would be great! I love going to the Dog Bath Place with you, but I almost never get to go! Are we going in the van? I love riding in the van!

Me:  No, we’re taking the car today.

Selby:  The car? I love riding in the car! Can I sit in the front seat?

Me:  No, you’re too big. You’ll have to sit in the back.

Selby:  *sigh* Ok. But I will make you regret it by sticking my nose out your window from behind your seat and drooling on your shoulder while you drive.

Me:  *sigh* Ok.


One response

  1. Hahaha, our dogs do that too!


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