The curious case of mistaken indentity

Emerson: ZzzzzWOOF. WOOF.

Me: What’s up?

Emerson: Something is Not Right. I need to go outside on patrol right now. WOOF.

Me: Okay. Let’s go out together.

Emerson: The sound is coming from the sky. WOOF It must be Dementors again. WOOF WOOF. Don’t worry Mama. I will sit in front of you and protect you from the Dementors. WOOF WOOF AROOOOO.

Me: Hey there’s a Peregrine Falcon in that tree over there! Cool! And it’s talking to another one in the distance somewhere north of here.

Emerson: Oh, yes, that’s what it is. Falcons, not Dementors. They sound very similar.

Me: That seems rather unlikely.

Emerson: Mama, you can’t see or hear Dementors because you are a Muggle. You will just have to trust me.

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