Evolution of a canine friendship (cartoon)

FEBRUARY 2010. Me: Hi Scouty! This is my new puppy, Emerson!Scouty: Hi Emerson! Pleased to meet you. Let's play!Emerson: Ok! Playing is fun! Hey, look what I can do! *walks through Scouty's legs*SUMMER 2010. Emerson: Hey look! We're the same size! ; Scouty: Weird!Emerson: *tries to walk under Scouty, but is too tall* ; Scouty: Um.. ; Emerson: Oh..FEBRUARY 2011. Emerson: Hi Scouty! Let's play! ; Scouty: Okay!Scouty: *standing between Emerson's legs* Hey, Look what I can do now! ; Emerson: Wait. What?Me: They grow up so fast.

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