Amanda Goes Home

Amanda: Well, I guess I better head out now. I have to work early tomorrow.

Me: Okay. Thanks for visiting!

Emerson & Selby: Ooo, you’re jingling keys. Keys mean The Car! Are we going somewhere? Let’s go let’s go LETSGO!

Me: No, you guys are staying here.

Selby & Emerson: Oh. *pouting*

Me: Oh look, Amanda! Sir Oliver came out of hiding!

Amanda: *looks around the corner*

Sir Oliver: OMIGOODNESS! She saw me. She’s looking right at me! WHAT DO I DO NOW?!? Maybe if I just stay perfectly still she will forget I’m here or get bored and look away.

Amanda: *blinks*

Sir Oliver: Here’s my chance! *hides under table* She’ll never find me here.

**Original post from January 9, 2012

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