Emerson defies the laws of physics (again) (with photo)

Emerson: I would like to be in a kennel now. I will use this one because those big kennels over there are closed.

Son: Emerson, that kennel is WAY too small for you. It’s meant for a medium sized dog like a beagle or something.

Emerson: That’s sizeist. I should be able to go into whatever kennel I want. OOF *squishsqueezewiggle* OOF.

Son: MAMA! You have to come see this!

Kennel: I don’t know if my bolts are strong enough to hold me together right now. *Emerson fur sticking out through every hole and seam*

Me: *runs* OMG I need to take a picture of this.


Me: *grumblegrumble* Diane, come quick and bring your cameraphone!

Diane: *takes picture*

Everyone: *LOLforever*

You just had to see it. Sorry

Not the best picture, but I think you get the idea. I mean, he couldn’t even stand up in there – I have no idea how he managed to turn around.


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