Canine Revelations

Emerson: What are you doing to your head Mama?

Me: I’m styling my hair.

Selby: That’s weird. You almost never do that. And… is that a dress you’re wearing?

Me: Sort of; it’s more like a really long shirt. My work is having a Christmas party tonight so I want to look extra nice.

Emerson: You’re not going to…um… put on makeup are you?

Me: No, I don’t even own any makeup. Except lipstick I guess. Why?

Selby: So sayeth Canine revelations: “Verily I say unto you, when Mama does fancy things to her hair, and wears a dress, and paints makeup on her face, so shall be foretold the coming apocalypse.”

Emerson: So as long as you don’t put on makeup we should all be safe.

**Original post from December 13,2011

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