Making up for lost time

Me: Ahhh it’s nice to be home in my own bed with all my furry friends in the same house.

Lord Dormir: Is it bedtime? Good. *pawpawpawpawpawpawpawpawpawpawpaw*

Me: Um, how long are going to do that? My belly is starting to get a little sore from the kneading.

Lord Dormir: You should’ve thought about that before you went to visit your family for 6 days. This belly hasn’t been properly kneaded in almost a week; obviously it is going to take a long time to get it back into shape. *pawpawpawpawpawpawpawpawpaw*

Me: Well, at least you don’t have claws.

Lord Dormir: You don’t have to tell ME that! It would be much faster if I did. *pawpawpawpawpawpawpaw*

Me: Er, and more painful as well.

Lord Dormir: Exactly. *pawpawpawpawpawpawpawpawpaw*

**Original post from November 29, 2011

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