If you think it’s so tasty then why don’t YOU eat it?

Me: I’m home!

Emerson: MAMA! I’m so happy to see you! Please scratch my ears for me, they are driving me nuts!

Me: Emerson why do you have peanut butter in the fur on your neck?

Emerson: I HAVE PEANUT BUTTER IN MY FUR? No wonder I smell so good! Nomnomnom. Bummer, I can’t reach it.

Me: ACK! Trying to wipe it off with a towel was a BAD idea. I have only succeeded in grinding it deeper into your fur. Selby come here!

Selby: Yes Mama, what is it?

Me: Would you lick this peanut butter off of Emerson’s fur please?

Selby: Are you kidding me? That peanut butter has fur all over it. I don’t want to eat that. Nasty.

Me: But I catch you eating fur all the time! What difference does that make?

Selby: You eat broccoli all the time. Would you eat broccoli with peanut butter on it?

Me: No, I guess not.

Selby: My point exactly.

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