Apparently poop has a higher purpose

Emerson: Hi Mama! What are you doing outside?

Me: I just finished scooping all the poop from the backyard.

Emerson: What? You mean there is NO poop out here at all?

Me: That’s right.

Emerson: Oh man! I better hurry up and poop right away. Some animal might come by & think that no one lives here.

Emerson: *poops*

Me: Holy schnikies Emerson, what did you eat?! I can smell that on the other side of the yard!

Emerson: Of course you can! It has to make up for a whole yard full of poop so I had to make sure it was EXTRA stinky. How do YOU let other people know someone lives in a house?

Me: We usually just put our names on the mailbox.

Emerson: People are weird.

**Original post from November 13, 2011

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