Inequity (cartoon)

Lord Dormir: Kari, we need to talk.Me: Sure. What's Up? -- Lord Dormir: All your cartoons are about the dogs. Where are all the cat cartoons? I mean, there are probably hundreds of people waiting to admire me. It's unfair.Me: Good point. What about you, Sir Oliver? -- Sir Oliver: As if I want a bunch of strangers staring at me.Me: What if I told you we're in a cartoon right now? -- Lord Dormir: WHAT?! I didn't even have time to fix my fur! -- Sir Oliver: *eyes widen in horror*Lord Dormir: *disappears off screen* -- Sir Oliver: *hides under table* -- Me: ...Me: You DO know they can still see you, right Sir Oliver? -- Lord Dormir: *appearing in the front of the panel* How YOU doin'? *wink*


8 responses

  1. Is that a Joey Tribbleani Cat? LOL


    1. Haha I think if Lord Dormir were a person, he would be just like Joey Tribbiani, but smarter.


  2. It’s because cats would need to do things on THEIR schedule, not on yours. Dogs are just happy to see you. Cats send out their PR reps ;)


  3. This is great!
    Bella and DiDi


    1. Thanks ladies! :) *scritches*


  4. Aw- this is great. I do a Saturday laugh blog hop! YOu should link up one week:)


  5. Be careful what you wish for! ;) Adorable!


  6. That’s so cute! My kids and I make up what our pets would say all the time. Thanks for the laugh!


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