Spontaneously Transporting Cats

Selby: Hi Mama! Welcome home!
Me: What are you doing outside? I left you in the house when I went out.
Selby: I wanted to go out so I let myself outside.
Me: And looks like you let the cats out too. You guys know you’re not supposed to go outside.
Lord Dormir: We couldn’t possibly be outside we were in the kitchen just a moment ago.
Me: Look around. You are definitely outside on the porch.
Lord Dormir: Well what do you know? We ARE outside.
Sir Oliver: OMG HOW DID WE GET OUTSIDE?! *scratches at door* Why won’t this door open? *scratchscratchscratch*
Lord Dormir: It must have been a spontaneous transportation event. We couldn’t have done it ourselves.
Sir Oliver: *scratchscratchscratch*
Lord Dormir: Try pushing with both front feet at the same time, like this *PUSH*
*door opens*
Me: You look like you’ve practiced that a lot.
Lord Dormir: I am an educated cat.


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