Two’s a crowd (sorry, no photo this time)

Me: Okay guys, time to go back to work. Into your kennels.

Emerson: Okay! *galumph, galumph*

Selby: Um. Mama? He went in MY kennel.

Me: Why don’t you go in his kennel? It’s bigger anyway.

Selby: But his pillows are arranged all wrong and it doesn’t smell like me!

Me: …

Selby: Nope, there’s only one solution to this problem. *goes in her kennel with Emerson*

Emerson: Oof. Kinda crowded in here.

Me: OMG I need a picture of this.

Emerson: Ok fine I’ll go in my own kennel. Just don’t take a picture.

Me: I wish my camera didn’t take so long to start up. The internet would have loved that one.

** Original post from October 25, 2011


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