The Transitive Property of Equality (for cats)

Me: We’re home! *opens kennel door*

Lord Dormir: OMG the door is open, I am getting out of this kennel and as far away as possible before you decide to put me back in there and take me somewhere else.

Sir Oliver: Kari, where in the world have you been? My dinner is over an hour late.

Lord Dormir: We went somewhere.

Sir Oliver: *sniff sniff* You smell like you’ve been in the kennel. And you smell like you have been to see a VET.

Lord Dormir: Yes, I had to ride in the kennel because we went to the vet.

Sir Oliver: I HATE the kennel. And I HATE the vet. You have ridden in the kennel and been to the vet. Therefore guess I have to hate YOU. *HHHHIIIIIIIIISSSSSSS*

Lord Dormir: Your over-reaching application of the transitive property is unfair and inaccurate. You should really apologize, not just to me, but to mathematicians everywhere.


Lord Dormir: Whatever.

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