Furry Padawan (cartoon)

Me: Hi Selby! What are you doing?Selby: I'm staring at this door hoping my Jedi skills have sufficiently developed to cause it to open by the force of my will.Me: ...Selby: *staring*Me: *looking at my watch*Me: *moving closer to door*Me: *reaching for door handle*Me: *opening door*Selby: Hey! It worked!


3 responses

  1. Selby you are a superdog!
    Bella and DiDi


  2. May the force be with you!! :)


  3. […] We liked to joke that she thought she was a Jedi. She never barked or whined to go out, but she would often stand and stare at a door until someone came along and opened it for her. She clearly thought that she could open it by the force of her will, if she concentrated hard enough. […]


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